Mudgee Pool


Below are our standard race times for our events. They are subject to change so be sure to check our Mudgee Tri Club Facebook a couple of days before each race. 

Sadly, our BBQ and post race presentation are currently suspended due to COIVD-19.


Long Course
 starts 8am

Little Devils
Starts 9.30am

Big Devils 
starts 9.45am

Super Sprint
Starts 10am

Rego & Race Entry Fees

Members and non-members must always register on race day (at the registration desk) in order to receive a time.  Rego closed 15mins before race start time 
Non-members can race in a maximum of three club races per season. Race fees include a Tri NSW one-day licence. Prices below:


   Mudgee Tri Club Members

   Tri Aus members of another club

   Non-members Indiv.

   Non-member Teams

Little/Big Devils





Super Spint





Long Course






Competitors who wish to receive a time for their event must wear a timing chip. If you don’t have one, they can be purchased for $10. 
If you forget your chip you can choose to purchase another, or race without one. We do not provide loan chips because this creates extra work for our timing team.

Arguably, one of the most time consuming task is compiling results at the end of each race – sometimes this takes hours!
If all competitors follow these rules we’ll have the results to you by the end of the day:

– Ensure you register (sounds simple – but each race there’s at least 2-3 members that forget)
– Check we have you entered in the correct race
– Check the number on your chip is the same as what is listed on the rego sheet
– Ensure your chip is on your left ankle from the start of the race 
– If a person is registered in a race but does not complete the course, or their timing chip (somehow?) falls off during the race, please let the rego desk know ASAP.  We cross-reference results with our rego sheets so this will save us searching for times.  

It’s not compulsory to wear a timing chip, however, if you do not, you will not receive a time/place for the event, nor any competitions points.

End of Season Awards

Club Championship Awards are presented to members at the last race of our season. They are given to the first three placegetters in each of the following categories: 

  • Little Devils: Boys & Girls
  • Big Devils: Boys and Girls
  • Super Sprint: Senior Male & Female + Junior Boys and Girls
  • Long Course: Senior Males & Females + Junior Boys & Girls

Points are accrued for the first seven club races of the season (including our Mudgee Interclub/Race 2, where double points are on offer for Short and Long Course). Eleven points will be given for our first member in each category down to 1 point for 11th.  If you race in more than one event on the same day, you will only receive points for one event. The winners will be the participants with the most overall points. 

To be eligible for a Club Championship Award the competitor must have raced at least 3 times in that particular event (race) this season.

Competitors who change events (from Big Devils to Short Course, for example) are not able to transfer their points across to a second event. So, if your point score is important to you we would recommend starting in the event you plan to race in, at at end of the season.

Super sprint triathlon - swim
Long Course Triathlon team