Big Devils Triathlon


The Big Devils triathlon event is the next stepping stone for our juniors. It’s a little over double the length of the Little Devils, but the focus remains on having fun enjoying this great sport with their mates. Approx ages are 9 – 13 years; juniors can step up to the Super Sprint earlier, if they feel confident. 


  50 m length of the pool 


   3 km ride on closed roads  (2 L-shaped laps)


  1 km lap around Lawson Park

Big Devils Triathlon Course

Start times

What’s needed: 
– Swimmers or Tri Suit (the club provides tri suits to members competing in this event)
– Runners
– Bike & Helmet
– Towel & Water

The swim starts at the deep end (with less confident swimmer placed next to the pool’s edge). Children swim to the shallow end to exit and run to their bikes. They must put their shoes and helmet on before running their bikes out to the mount/dismount area on Short St. The bike course is two laps of a fully closed road. The run is one full lap of Lawson Park.

Unlike the Little Devils, where we encourage parents to assist with helmets and shoes, for our Big Devils event the children must do this themselves.
Any type of bike is fine. If your child would like to try a road bike, our club has loan bikes available for junior members.

If this sounds a little too daunting, you may like to try a shorter race…

Little Devils

If this sounds a little too easy, you’re ready to step up to … 

Super Sprint

Junior triathlon - swim
Junior triathlon - transition
Junior triathlon - bike

Junior triathlon finish