There are a few basic rules when it comes to triathlon. While most are purely courtesy and help with your safety and the flow of the race, rules pertaining to helmets must be obeyed and if not adhered to, may result in time penalties.

Transition Area

The transition area is where you change your equipment as you transition from one leg to another (swim to bike, bike to run) Your bike must be placed in an upright position on the bike rack and must be replaced in the same position on your return to the transition area. You cannot interfere with another competitor’s equipment or impede their progress in any way. No glass containers are allowed in the transition area. We recommend you lay your towel on the ground next to your bike and place your gear on the towel so that you’ve neatly marked off that area as yours. 


No helmet – no race. Make sure you have an Australian Standards approved helmet, fitted properly. Your helmet must be on your head and chin strap buckled before you grab your bike. It must not be unbuckled until you have returned your bike to the bike rack. Unbuckling your helmet while on the bike or before you return your bike to the bike rack will result in a time penalty or disqualification.


In most triathlons, drafting (riding directly behind or beside a fellow competitor) during the cycle leg is prohibited as this provides a 10-15% advantage to the athlete drafting. Try to keep 3 bike lengths between yourself and the person in front of you. If you are passing them, you should complete the pass within 15 seconds or drop back out of the 3 bike-length zone. If you have just been passed, it’s your responsibility to drop back to allow the 3 bike-length gap between you and the bike who passed you.

Bad Behaviour

Foul, argumentative, or abusive language or unsportsmanlike conduct directed at competitors, spectators, race officials, or volunteers is forbidden. We’re all here to enjoy the day and many people have volunteered their own time to help in the running of this race for you. The Club reserves the right to suspend race privileges if unsportsmanlike behaviour is not rectified.

Most importantly...

Remember to enjoy yourself and cheer on your fellow club mates around the course. It’s the camaraderie in our club which is what makes it so special!

Complete race rules can be found on the Triathlon Australia website: https://www.triathlon.org.au/Assets/Triathlon+Australia+Digital+Assets/TA+RCR+2019.pdf

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