Little Devils (3-8 year olds)

Little Devil SwimOur Little Devils race is designed to introduce children as young as 3 to our great sport. The main focus is on having fun and we just love seeing the huge smiles on the children’s faces throughout the race.

Little Devil T1

SWIM: A 20m run through the toddler pool OR 20m swim across the shallow end of the pool
BIKE: 1km ride (1lap)*
This on a fully closed road with marshals on course for athlete safety.
RUN: 500m around the park*
* If some of the younger kids towards the back of the pack are getting tired, just shorten the run/bike so they have enough energy to finish with a big smile.
All competitors receive a sausage sandwich at the end of the race

Little Devils Race

Little Devil Bike

Parents/carers are encouraged to help their children throughout the race, whether it be putting on their shoes and helmets, walking their bikes out to the start of the bike course or running alongside them.

Little Devil T2

What you need; Swimmers, runners, a bike (of any kind), a helmet, towel and water.
5 minutes before the race starts there will be a race briefing to explain to course to kids & parents.

Little Devil Run