Big Devils (9-13 year olds)

Big Devil Swim T1

Big Devils is the step up from our Little Devils. Children can try this from 9 years (or earlier if they are confident) whilst the focus is still on having fun, naturally kids are a starting to become more competitive.

We try to encourage the kids to be a little more independent during this race and discourage parents from assisting their kids with helmet & shoes.

Big Devils Bike

SWIM: The 50m swim starts at the mid-way ladder on the Northern side of the pool. Children swim around the buoy at the shallow end of the pool and back down to the mid-way ladder on the Southern side of the pool. Should your child struggle at any stage in the pool there is always someone on hand to assist.
BIKE: 3 laps of a fully closed road (Short St.) Children must have their helmets on before they leave the transition area and they are not allowed to mount their bikes until they are on Short St.
RUN: 1 full lap of the park before running back through the finish chute.

Big Devils Course Map_15_10_2015

Big Devils Run