Interclub Course

The Mudgee Interclub is an Enduro style event: run, swim, ride, swim, run.

The Run

Starting with two 1km laps of Lawson Park, make sure you keep right where the paths merge. After the second lap, head into transition for the 250m swim.

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The Swim

Dive into the deep end (closest to transition) and complete 5 lengths (two and have loops) around the 4 buoys. After 250m, exit at the shallow end.

The Bike

Grab your helmet and bike, and run out to Lawson St before jumping on your bike. The 17.5km loop takes you out along the Sydney Rd before turning down Burrundulla Rd at Bunnings. Turn left at Rocky Waterhole Rd, and again at Lue Rd. This takes you all the way back to a round-a-bout on the edge of town, where you turn left a couple of times to get back onto Short St and the transition zone.

See it on Strava

Always follow the road rules and give way to traffic. Take special care of the two causeways on Burrundulla Rd, and the Railway Crossing on Rocky Waterhole Rd just before Lue Rd.

The Second Swim

Rack your bike and jump in the pool for another 250m swim.

The Final Run

Grab your shoes and head out for another two laps of Lawson Park. Don’t forget the smile when you cross the finish line.