Women’s Tri Camp

Elite Energy Women’s Tri Camp Kiama

10th to  12th October 2014

Australia’s most respected coaches, athletes and industry professionals will  take you through a weekend jam packed with everything ‘triathlon’  in the seaside town of Kiama, NSW.

One of Australia’s most respected world class triathletes and coaches  Dr Michael “Mick” Maroney, alongside well known triathlon and sporting coaches Lisa Maragon, Melissa Ashton-Garard, John Hickey, Simone Campbell and Bel Fong will be there.

The camp will kick off on Friday evening, with a ‘meet and greet’ welcome at the Shores Hotel, Kiama situated within the main street, the Kiama Harbour and Blowhole, and Kiama’s cafes and restaurants.

Female athletes of all abilities are invited – whether you are a seasoned athlete or attempting your first triathlon, either Sprint, Olympic, Long Course or Ironman.

The South Coast Women’s Tri Camp will be a informative weekend  in a relaxed, fun environment.  The aim is to provide valuable information that you can take away and use in training to improve your performance and enhance your triathlon experience.

Some of the planned activities include:-

  • Breakfast/coffee ride to the beautiful town of Berry
  • Swim, running & bike technique sessions
  • Nutrition seminar
  • Stretching for strength
  • Sports physio seminar
  • Transition techniques
  • Being comfortable participating
  • Bringing it altogether for success.

To register your interest, please contact us at Elite Energy on either (02) 4423 7775 or email office@eliteenergy.com.au

Successful Mudgee Running Festival

I think it’s safe to say the 2014 Mudgee Running Festival has been one of our best yet, both from a financial standpoint and in terms of it being simply an outstanding day for athletes and spectators.

All events – the 5k and 10k fun runs as well as the marathon and the half – were run this year on one day and not over a Saturday/Sunday combination as it has been in previous years.  There will be some improvements for next year, specifically in the 10k event, but overall the feedback suggests the one-day event has been very well received by our athletes as well as the volunteers who were outstanding again this year. 

We extend our sincere thanks to these volunteers.  Many wonderful people put their hands up to help out in various ways leading into the running festival, on the Saturday with set up and registrations and, of course, on Sunday for the running of the event.  We thank you all. Continue reading